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Our History

Craft Consortium is a multi-award winning, family run, Crafts Manufacturer & Wholesaler; We pride ourselves on delivering innovative, design led product offerings for the Creative Arts, Crafts & Hobbies Industry.


Since our worldwide market launch in 2015, Craft Consortium has quickly established itself as The premium crafting Brand in papercrafts and home décor, with the Craft Business Awards accolades:


Winner - ‘Most Innovation Collection' - 2017 for our Santoro - Kori Kumi papercraft collection

Winner - 'Best Trade Website' - 2019

Highly Commended - 'Best Papercraft Manufacturer / Supplier / Distributor' - 2019

Winner - 'Best Trade Website' - 2020

Highly Commended - 'Best British Brand' - 2021

Highly Commended - 'Best Papercraft Brand' - 2021

Highly Commended - 'Best Trade Website' - 2021












Founded in 2013 by husband & wife, Terry & Sue Lennon, both entrepreneurs with a passion in consumer products; Sue, with her art & design prowess and all round love for the craft & hobby industry and Terry’s innovation, business acumen and love of challenging himself to break new boundaries. Their son, Nigel Lennon, later joined the company as Creative Director, bringing with him a wealth of experience gained in the Arts & Crafts sector and already a leading figure within the industry.

The Lennon family has a rich history in consumer products, dating back to 1958 with the opening of one of the first supermarkets, ‘Lennon’s’, in the northwest of England. This was the start of a series of new businesses, from commercial venues to the leisure industry, to present day. What has always been key in each company, and is still true today, is that each business is operated with family values of respect, honesty and fairness being the cornerstone of the company.

We at 'CC' believe crafting is a social hobby, meant for sharing and enjoyment by all and that is reinforced by the company name. The business itself, is a consortium of leading UK & International Designers and Manufacturers, working together to bring you the very best in crafting products.

 We are passionate about what we do and strive to make a positive memorable impact with the products we deliver, or as we say:

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